Leyland P76 Executive Storm V8
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How I Became an Enthusiast!
It all Started on a Little Hill Called Mt Panorama

My name is Stuart Brown and I live in the Central Highlands of Rural Victoria, Australia. We are currently renovating a home on 5 acres , where I live with with my fianc´┐Że Anneliese  & her son Alec, two Border Collies Bella & Dante and Bijoux the Cocker Spaniel. I work for myself from a Design Studio I have built here in an American Barn as a Graphic Designer, including Website Design and Photography.

In 1971 my family moved to Bathurst and my parents decided a good place to rent while we built our new home was Conrod Straight. We then lived there for three years during some of the golden years of muscle car racing when the legends of Moffat and Brock were being carved out.

We all became Petrol Heads! At the same time my parents bought a Mini Cooper S MKII and a V8 Leyland P76 which along with trips to the JRA dealer started the lifelong passions for the Cars. This now extends to quite a nice collection which you can read about elsewhere on the site.

For some 5 years now I have been selling on the internet some of the accumulated parts and now quality new parts from suppliers I have been using for over 20 years, supplying these with excellent service, expanding the range as I can.

The hobby has now become a real business to provide an even larger range to help you enjoy your cars, and indeed similar complimentary items for your home or office. I also offer a quality restoration service for classic cars.

I hope I can help you enjoy your automotive hobby as well.
Please contact us with any needs, ideas or ways we can help you.