Ford Falcon GT

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Absolutely the best way to revitalise your car
Whether a full restoration to your beloved classic or just to make the daily driver nice, new carpets are a quick, inexpensive and easy way to make the car nice, fresh and comfortable again.

Fully moulded for a perfect fit - Order Here

Fully heat moulded like the carpets originally fitted to your car these are an exact fit to your particular vehicle with moulds made from an identical car's original floorpans and carpet producing a precise fit.  We have over 700 Vehicles, all body styles. Click Here for the list

Specialist Jaguar & P76 Carpets - Order Here
We have also developed New Jaguar DIY carpet kits for interiors and boots - Details Here and
We have also put together a P76 moulded boot carpet kit with tool board -
Details Here

Colours and styles - View Them Here

Available in three piles and almost limitless colours depending on which item. We have 5 Styles available to suit all the different requirements.
Loop, Plush/Cut pile,, Classic Loop and Waterproof
We also have a range of specialist colours, coming soon. Please ask about these

Underlay, Soundproofing, Mats, etc

We also carry a full range of jute and bitumen under felts, Bonnet and firewall sound and heat barriers, custom fit, non slip protection mats, dash mats, boot and cargo carpets including wheel arches. Order Here

Utes and Vans - Details Here

We make carpets for most makes and models of utes and vans, even some of the very latest versions and all the different cab styles. To find out about these and how carpets in these vehicles work , click here for all the details on them.