Holden HZ Sandman Ute

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Why does My Carpet Cost the Same?
"I have a ute/van surely I only need front carpet and so isn't it cheaper?" Sorry, No.
You might not have a rear seat, but you do have the floor. I have explained this fully below.
Why You need Two Pieces

The carpet we use in the moulding process, regardless of style is produced on a roll that is1m wide. This is also true of original car carpets from cars of the 50's through 90's. As a car is 1.8 m or larger in width this necessitates running the carpet across the car for moulding. This is also done this way because of the transmission tunnel being much larger in the front than rear a better fitting carpet is produced. This means that the front carpet piece finishes just under the front of the seats as shown in the diagram at left.
The rear piece is then from just under this, (small overlap making a nice join), to the rear and in the case of a sedan or wagon two small tabs might need to be sewn on to extend down the sides of the rear seats.

Ford ute/van carpets are actually sedan carpets with a small (about 10 cm) piece cut off and Holden utes/vans are slightly different as there is a separate reinforcement across the rear of the cab.

Thus there is 3.6-3.8 m of carpet used no matter which body style and for utes/vans a little bit cut off or on sedans/coupes/wagons a little bit sewn on

Front Only

If your rear carpet is in great nic and you only want the piece from dash to seats we can of course sell it to you but can't of course guarantee it will exactly match the rear.  Order Here