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Colour - Piles - Styles - Vinyls
We offer a wide range of materials to choose from  to make your flooring from. The range covers the popular requirements, colours and styles.
The Piles

Loop Pile      Plush/Cut Pile    

  • Loop Pile as fitted to 50s - 80s Cars Click Here...
  • Plush Pile as fitted to 80s - Current Cars Click Here...
  • Specialist Colours - Using specialy imported colours increases the available colours vert widely. These will be available soon, meantime please ask.

Classic Loop See Colours Here

The new range of exact reproduction of the carpet used in classic Australian and US muscle cars in the 60's, 70's and early 80's
Cars like the HK-HG Monaro, XR-XT Falcon, Valiant Charger, Corvette, Mustang and Brock Commodore. Click here to see the colours.

Waterproof Carpets

We have a range of carpet perfect for your Vitara, Landcruiser and other vehicles where the carpets could get wet or need regular cleaning.
This is available in black and mid grey only