Brand New Jaguar Carpet Sets Now Available

Full sets for XJ6 SI, SII, SIII, XJC and XJS

From $280 per set.


Quality Used Parts

When restoring cars you accumulate many quality spare parts left over from donor cars bought to help with the restorations.

Currently I am dismantling some series 3 XJ6s, an XJS, three Range Rover classic 2drs and a 3500s P6B Rover. Click here to see an album of these cars and some of the parts.

There are many quality parts and even some rare ones, so please email  your request and I'll help you out.

For example, I have petrol tanks, wheels, body parts, front & rear ends, door trims in black and doeskin, hoodlinings, panels, chrome work, mirrors, switches and lots of the fiddly bits that are always useful, just to mention a few.

As I remove the parts I will be listing them in my OZtion store. Click here to be taken directly to these listings.

Also you obviously visited the site for a reason, please send me a quick email with the part you need and I might just be able to help you out.

I am not looking for a fortune for them just a fair price and to have the parts available for others to get good use from them. Reasonable offers invited.

I will ship these parts worldwide.

 Here are our current OZtion items