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Auction Sniper
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You’ve come to the right place. Auction Sniper is an eBay sniper that automates the process of placing your eBay bid in the closing seconds of any eBay bidding auction, dramatically increasing your chance of winning. We keep it simple: you tell us what you want to win, and we snipe eBay for you. Best of all, Auction Sniper is free to try. After winning your first auction with our help, you’ll never eBay bid the same way again.

You’ve seen it happen: Your eBay bid is still the highest as the auction is about to close. You wait excitedly by your computer expecting to be notified that you've won, but...somehow you've lost. In the last seconds of the auction a new bid has appeared, too late for you to respond. You've been sniped.

Now you too can use the tools that other bidders are using to win auctions. Thousands of buyers snipe eBay auctions every day. Auction Sniper offers a fully automated eBay sniping solution that is simple, effective, and reliable. It's just part of our suite of tools designed to help you win auctions.

Start winning more eBay auctions, and become an eBay sniper without any extra effort. Auction Sniper makes sniping on eBay auctions as easy as placing a bid, anyone can do it! Since we snipe eBay from our servers your computer doesn't even have to be on and there is no complicated software to learn. Our bid sniper server will snipe eBay just a few seconds before the auction ends, so you can rest easy.

Save money too, by your bid being the last one placed then others won't have the time to raise the bidding after yours is placed and so you will end up spending less on the items you are after.

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